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Saturday, 13 April 2019

How To Change Your Gmail Password

Gmail, as one of the largest Email client service, includes a rather strong security protection system. However, for your security and privacy considerations, it’s counseled to typically change the password of your Gmail account.

Changing your Gmail password apply to all or any your Google services related to an equivalent Gmail account, so the password for those Google services, like YouTube, Google+ changes at the same time.

How to change your Gmail password?

There are two ways to manually change your Gmail password, one is on the online browser, and also the alternative is within the Gmail app.

Change Gmail on Mobile and Online

Way 1: Change Gmail password  within the Gmail App

Way 2: Change Gmail password on the browser

Way 1: Change Gmail password within the Gmail App

You can additionally reset your Gmail password manually within the Gmail application. It’s another simple way to neutralise your smartphones. To do so, follow these steps:
- Open the Gmail application in your phone. If you haven’t signed in nevertheless, sign into the Gmail account that you just would love to change the password to.
- tap the menu icon on the higher left corner.
- Scroll down the menu and tap Settings
- Tap your account profile, and go to My Account.
- Go to Sign-in & security > Password > Change your password.
- If you’ve enabled the 2-step verification, you’ll have to be compelled to enter the verification code sent by Google. Skip this step if your 2-step verification is disabled.
- Re-enter your current Gmail password to proceed, and tap Sign in.
- Enter your new password, and repeat it to confirm. Then tap CHANGE PASSWORD to finish.

Way 2: Change Gmail password on the browser

You can change your Gmail password from the online browser. Follow these steps:

- Sign into Google My Account page. you ought to be redirected to the My Account page if you’ve logged in your Gmail account. If not, you wish to enter your Gmail address and Gmail password to sign up initial.

- Click the Sign-in & security section.

- Click Signing in to Google.
- Click Password in the Password & sign in method section.

- If you’ve enabled the 2-step verification, you’ll need to enter the verification code from Google to continue. (Skip this step if your 2-step verification hasn’t enabled.)

- Enter your current Gmail password and click Next.

- Enter your new password, and repeat to confirm your new password. Then click CHANGE PASSWORD.

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